The Fiesta Bowl was the third chance I got to see Chris Harper play for K-State, and in all 3 games he made plays. I also saw him against Baylor and West Virginia. I don't hear a lot of hype for the guy, but I think his size and surprising athleticism for a guy that big is very intriguing. I love that he is a pretty goods hand catcher, and is one tough SOB to bring to the ground. I noticed K-State used him a lot on drag routes, catching the ball and making people miss, either through moves, or brute force. His stiff arm is pretty good. I see most places have him slated in the 4th-5th round range, however, I think after the Senior Bowl and the Combine, he will move up the boards quite a bit.

I think this guy is a major sleeper at the moment. His YAC ability because of his size, strength, and athleticism is something we should covet. Ryan Tannehill said one of the big things that helps him at the QB spot was his time at the WR position, having a broadened view of the passing game. Though Harper hardly played as a QB when at Oregon, and never got to play QB at K-State, his time at the position should have the same effect as far as his understanding of the timing and finer points of the passing game. As we stand today, I think a double down of Stedman Bailey and Chris Harper would be an amazing part of day 2 of the draft.

I am curious as to what some of you guys think, I think he really got hurt a little by Collin Klein being a subpar passer. I think had Harper played with a higher echelon QB, he wouldn't be such a hidden gem. Many of the steals of the draft are guys like Harper, who for whatever reason have only begun to scratch the surface on their potential. I see a lot of Anquan Boldin qualities to his game.