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Thread: Mingo

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    Quote Originally Posted by PJack View Post
    I keep hearing about his freakish ability, but at 12 I'd be a bit concerned over the clear limitations against the run and the fact that he only had 4.5 sacks and no forced fumbles against top competition. I see he get's compared to JPP but he goes 275-280lbs vs 240 for Mingo. Not it the same ballpark there. Just a chancy pick that could be great but definitely has some bust possibility.
    ...but maybe not so chancy if a team looks at him as a LB. Got to fit the scheme.
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    Quote Originally Posted by finfan54 View Post
    ...but maybe not so chancy if a team looks at him as a LB. Got to fit the scheme.
    At this point, that's his only position (he's not an NFL DE at that size) but he will still have to play the run and hasn't shown to be a dominant pass rusher in college. I'm not saying he can't be great...he's a remarkable athlete. However, I would be far more comfortable drafting a guy at 12 whom has actually been dominant on the field in what is supposed to be his strength and that is rushing the QB. 4.5 sacks in college this year does not show me he will be dominant in the NFL in that regard. If we are saying it will take a couple years, then that just drops him down the board a bit in my mind as far as draft value.
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    that kids way too freakish athletically and has way too good a motor and physical cod tools and hips to be a bust...that said if you use him wrong i'm sure you could have some problems...like initially at least he wouldn't be a 3 down de for me in a 43...he'd be run right at and moved off the ball...
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    for the love of god get a real freaking mike already!!!
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