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Thread: Hey Guys, I made a Bunch of Money...

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    Hey Guys, I made a Bunch of Money...

    Youll never believe this one guys. Well I decided I wanted to go to the beach the other day so I took off work. I get down there at the beach I frequent often and lo and behold, theres Rex Ryan vacationing in the Bahamas. I walk towards him while pondering an entire arsenal of fat jokes. Decided not to go that direction and just yelled "JETS!" when I got close enough. I didnt figure I needed a punchline. Anyway, he is shirtless and has a hilarious tattoo. I took the picture and sold it to the NYDN for a ton of money. Well worth my day off work. Anyway, my interwebz has been down lately or id have mentioned this sooner. This tory may soon hit the news IMO. Stay tuned.
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