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Think about it. The team traded away Brandon Marshall for Michael Egnew and a packet of peanuts. The team traded away Vontae Davis despite being thin at cornerback because he didn't have the right attitude.

Do you really think Dwayne Bowe is likely to be brought in for Philbin? I would be absolutely stunned to see him brought in, just based on his reputation. Likewise people are talking about Jermichael Finley from the Packers but I think he is another guy they are likely to stay away from due to the fact that he's been publicly griping all season. Also both of them have the dropsies and again, that's something I don't think Philbin appreciates.
That's the media portrayal of him and it is false. He is way cool when I met him, like I said. I could tell he is a good guy. On the other hand, Desean Jacksson and Trent Richardson were complete d bags. Bowe as a Phin equals win