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To be fair all we know is that
1) Ray Lewis gets into a fight
2) A couple of people got stabbed to death
3) ???????????????????????????
4) Profit!

Supposedly he tried to break the fight up, but if he was involved in the fight itself but didnt stab anyone that at least makes him an accessory to the crime right?
either way the whole thing is murky.
And the fact that everyone all of the sudden forgets about this incident because its his last year is just funny to me.

You have to take the good with the bad, Why cant the analysts just say "Ray Lewis was a great MLB, who may or may not have killed someone."
Damn straight on the first parts. Even if he tried to break up the fight which is completely questionable, the man was an accessory to murder. We know a group of people he was with got into a fight with other people and 2 men wound up stabbed to death. Afterwards Lewis washed his clothing, plead guilty to obstruction, and paid a boatload of money to the victims families. Those are facts.

I take nothing away from Lewis' performance on the field. He was outstanding. The guy is one of the great LBs of all time.

Having said that, I dont expect announcers to, nor do I think announcers should bring up that incident he was involved in. But, it would be nice if they didnt wax poetic 24/7 about what a great person Ray Lewis is. Its just not neccessary. If they would keep it to the fact he is a great player and on the field leader, it wouldnt bother me so much. He has earned praise for those things. But, I can do without everyone talking about how Ray Lewis is this great man. I get sick of seeing cameras in front of him all the time. Almost everyone in prison talks about God all of the time too. Enough already with this myth of Ray Lewis being of great character. ESPN is the worst for it and they even gave him a job. I will not be watching ESPN's coverage when they have this guy on their show as a paid employee.