If you were in Canada while Wake was tearing it up you will have to admit Wake was a no-brainer find (IT WAS UNUSUAL TO SEE THIS CALIBRE OF DEFENDER IN THE CFL)

Even Brandon Browner a very good CFL all star at the time was not being considered for MVP status like Wake

So for the love of the game JEFF - WORK ON THE DRAFT! - these spotty CFLers are a waste of time!!!!

Stop churning the bottom 5 players when the top 40 could all see upgrades (many are average at best)

Should we complie a list of Jeff's CFL "fool's gold" free agents? While the draft's sailed by Jeff Ireland and MIA scouts - the "real" gold sailed by?

I mean congrats on Thigpen but seriously the latter rounds of the draft sailed right by you dude - some would argue the first day of the draft sailed by you the past 2 years - after Pouncey and Tannehill you got roasted

I am not a proponent or orange just not liking the waste of time direction - the CFL is generally a dead end to build a team of play-makers on both side of the ball