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I'm surprised that they didn't make an offer to Lovie Smith once Chip Kelley decided to stay at Oregon. Perhaps they didn't want another fired Bears head coach?
But Lovie Smith would have been an excellent pick up for the Bills. He did a fantastic job in Chicago and was fired with a 10-6 record.
They had only 3 losing seasons in 9 years with Smith (2 of which were 7-9). They also won their division 3 times. They went 3 times in 9 years to the playoffs and missed out twice because once of a tie breaker (2012) and once they went 9-7 and the Eagles had a 9-6-1 record (2008).

In the 9 years prior to Smith they had 2 winning seasons.

Record over 9 years before Smith:
59-85 plus playoffs 1-2

Record under Smith:
81-63 plus playoffs 3-3

I am glad the Bills didn't pick him up. Really glad. Now I can only hope that the Jets stick with Ryan. If Smith would have gone Buffalo we'd be toast.

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I don't think you guys realize how awful Syracuse was, Doug Marrone did an outstanding job at SU. I don't now if he will be a good HC in the NFL but he was a longtime assistsant so he has familiarity w/ the NFL.
Wow. Great insides. You are just a fountain of knowledge.