For those undecided on where a pass rusher is on our list of needs, here's some info to help decide.

Cam Wake rushed the QB 559 times last year. He had 17 sacks, 23 QB hits, and 47 QB hurries. He did this while all opposing teams completely focused on stopping him, having little regard on any other pass rusher.

Pee Wee Odrick rushed 566 times, with 6 sacks, 10 hits, and 21 hurries. I saw some of those sacks and hits caused by Wake flushing the QB to him. NOT a productive year, and not ever average.

Vernon rushed the QB 289 times, with 3 sacks, 7 hits, and 11 hurries. He was about the same as Odrick in limited play as a rookie still learning, close vs the run, and did well in coverage, also limited.

When you combine the stats of Odrick and Vernon, they look pretty good but, when you look at the number of pass rushes it took, NOT so good.

Starks rushed the QB 488 times, with 4 sacks, 11 hits, and 21 hurries. His play really fell off but, anyone who has lost their Mom could understand him not being focused.

Burnett rushed the QB 115 times, with 2 sacks, 6 hits, and 7 hurries. Not bad for an OLB, who rarely get to the QB.

Now for the very intriguing silent one, in Koa Misi. He rushed the QB 141 times, with 6 sacks, 2 hits, and 6 hurries in only 13 games. To put that in a sack perspective for 4-3 OLB's, Von Miller is in a class by himself with 19 sacks. Denver's Woodyard and Titan's Ayers were second with 7, and then there was Misi with 6. Thing is the other 3 had 300-400 more snaps to get their sacks.

This poses an interesting question for this year. JT was quoted in saying that Misi was going to be a VG pass rusher, and I am not one to ague with him. Depending on how things shake out in this off season, could could a Misi/Vernon combo be an answer at DE. while adding another OLB?