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I guess the only way to justify Tannehill's poor play is to try and build up the weapons around Luck. What a joke! Reality is Miami had the better weapons around Tannehill than the Colts had around Luck.

Colts skill players:

Reggie Wayne - 34 years old. Still good, but no where near the player he was 5-6 years ago. Took 194 targets (most in Wayne's career) to put up his numbers. Only caught 54.63% of passes thrown to him and had 6.95 ypa. Hartline caught 57.8% of passes thrown to him and had 8.46 ypa.
Donnie Avery - Didn't play in 2010. Played in 8 games last year making 3 catches on 11 times targeted. For his career QBs complete less than 50% of passes thrown to him.
T.Y. Hilton - ROOKIE
Dwayne Allen - ROOKIE
Coby Fleener - ROOKIE
LaVon Brazil - ROOKIE
Vick Ballare - ROOKIE

That is the talent Luck had around him this year. Five of the seven players targeted 20+ times were ROOKIES. One veteran WR who is 34 years old and another that only had 3 catches over the last "two years" and catches less than 50% of the balls thrown to him over his career. The Colts are the third team of his 4 year career for a reason.

Yet, Luck was able to take a team that was 2-14 and go 11-5. Any idea how many routes were run wrong, mis-communication, etc...Luck had to deal with playing with 5 rookies at skill positions?

The FACT is the Colts have the better QB than Miami. The argument that he had the superior weapons is just plain B.S...you wouldn't find a QB or coach in the league that would have taken the Colts weapons over Miami's this year. Tannehill may set an all-time low for QB rating if he played for the Colts this year and the Colts would most likely be in line for the #1 pick in the draft for the second year in a row.
Agree Luck likely did have to deal with miscommunications, but as a rookie all players are new to them. As far as talent at playmaking positions, I have to disagree. The Colts have FAR more talent than the Fins and it's just not that close. Very smart of that GM to add playmakers around a rookie QB. Who would have thought that would make a difference and they couldn't make due with a bunch of late round picks, FA scrubs and UDFA to throw to.

Luck was pretty special all year given the amount of passes he had to throw and hits he took. He's pretty much what most expected given he's the best prospect since Peyton. They improve that O line some and he limits those turnovers and we'll be seeing the Colts in the playoffs the next 10 years.