I know that our staff want upgrade with young player and I think it's the best thing to do, but this year IMO that could be easiest to do it in FA tahn in draft, I mean :

We need to improve

1/ our WR corp : 3 names in FA Bowe, Wallace and Jennings and in the same time : sorry byt IMO nobody is a can't miss prospect in draft
2/ our TE corp : In that case in FA Martellus Bennett seems interesting or why not Gonzalez for 1 year, but IMO we need to draft 1 solid TE
3/ our DB (FS and CB ) : 3 names IMO : kenny Phillips, Marcus Truffant and Grimes in FA in the same time : sorry but nobody is a can't miss project here too always JMO
4/ Our pass rush : We will found me mad here, but I think moving Dansby on OL spot could solve many pass rush problem in arizona he was good to that...........and I wiould sign a no superstar LB lile Jasper Brinkley who is a thumper against the run.

Like that we could draft BPA in almost every round ..............and why not Matt Barley if he's here when we pick.

No QB controversy here, RT was solid this year but 2 young QB competing and in 2 year the best will be our QB for a decade and the second will be a very solid back up and we could trade him for picks in the future.

Perhaps I am mad and I haven't many college football analysis but that don't seems a very solid draft class.