I was an original poster on the DD forum boards for something like 6 years and I held our team accountable or at least I tried to and I did not agree with us drafting Ronnie Brown and predicted he would be gone, and that cost me to be revoked and banned for life. I never attacked or insulted anyone, but I am sure you can understand, I was viewed as not being a fan by some.

I went to their site earlier today and saw some fans blasting Ryan Tannehill and stating some harsh stuff.

Anyway, I am struggling with understanding why do fans/people get so bent out of shape with peoples opinions..?

I know you can change your username, but I want to have and establish a history and be held accountable as well.

The only thing I was wrong with, was going after Chad Pennington. He brought us an AFC East title, so I was wrong and admit it.

Anyway, I'd like to hear some thoughts and opinions from other posters as to why this happens, if we're fans...?

I appreciate all replies.

I posted here in this section and not the main board and hope I posted in the right section.