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I didn't bother with the other 3 because you go out of your way to take quotes out of context.

Why did you take my quote out of context by eliminating the beginning and ending? Oh, that's right, because it makes it appear as if you "got me."

Sad that you have to do something like that (which is blatantly obvious, btw) to help support your flimsy, poorly thought out position.
So basically you admit that statement makes no sense I mean look at it you are saying 2 different things and no the other 3 are not out of contexts you actually meant to use them in your argument over Luke which od course are horrid arguments.

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What else is new?
Saying I kiss little boys is still a better argument then something doesn't make sense like " I responded to your post stating that I dont think GM should evaluate players using video footage, which i never once said."