When Mayock reviews the film he's going to see that we used Notre Dame's strength on defense, which is a very simple fast-flow/quick read, and turned it into a weakness. The simplicity of the defense is designed to allow the front 7 to play fast and get into their run fits quicker. Most of what we did was shift into formations that dictated Notre Dame's defense to be out of position.

Notre Dame's front 4 got penetration on a regular basis.... because Bama allowed them to penetrate when and where we wanted. The front would get good push, only to be turned completely away from the ball.... it's the old Pin-and-Pull techniques of zone blocking. When you allow penetration only to turn the defender away from the ball, that allows for second level blocking.

Notre Dame and coach Diaco couldn't adjust to that. Dropping a safety into the box as an 8th defender can't be your only adjustment at this level of football. The safety (Motta) and Te'o were in position within their run fits to make the play singled up on the back in several instances, but simply could not do it. They were able to do it all year using this simple formula defensively.... but they hadn't seen anything like the backs Bama brings to the dance.

They were out-schemed and out-executed from an X's and O's perspective. Couldn't match up athletically or physically when in position to make the play when it simply boiled down to their player vs. Bama's.