Just a reminder to fans that other positions outside of WR and TE will need to be addressed in the draft or free agency. It looks like Jonathan Martin could be our LT going forward, and Pouncey has established himself as a Pro-Bowl caliber center. However, I think the other line positions are still in need of an upgrade to solidify the rotation for the future. Incognito, John Jerry, and Nate Garner represent quality depth for their positions, but all three are holdovers from the previous regime that emphasized large bodies to dominate in man-blocking.

With the Philbin/Sherman offense, the linemen must have movement skills for zone blocking and pulling. The only player with the movement talent to excel within the current scheme is Pouncey. There is a reasonable expectation that the scouts will be able to dig up OG prospects in the later rounds...especially now that the scouts are educated on Philbin's/Sherman's preferences.