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I posted this a little while back: I definitely would like to see an early 2nd round pick on Fauria or another comparable TE. Maybe a later pick on Lutzenkirchen or possibly Mychal Rivera out of Tennessee (although I don't know if he's too Charles Clay-ish).

Thinking about it a bit more and looking at a bit more stuff, been impressed by Lutzenkirchen, he makes a great grab against Mississippi State going totally against the direction of his body when Darius Slay had a sure interception: http://youtu.be/KZ6Ok3hxcMQ?t=2m52s

Another guy I'm a fan of is Mychal Rivera and if we're comparing to last year's draft, in terms of size and speed - I think he solidly can be compared to Northwestern's Drake Dunsmore. Although Dunsmore got picked in the 7th, I don't see that comparison as a bad thing. Good hands, some nice YAC ability, not a particularly strong blocker and almost identical production to Dunsmore. Although Rivera played in a much more pro-style offense, which I'm sure will help him with scouts.
I'm a big fan of Lutzenkirchen as well. He's about as good at bringing in the ball as you could ask for, extremely soft hands and the ability catch it from any awkward angle. But what really impresses me about him is his speed. He's not a purely fast player at all. But when you watch him closely and you watch him a lot, what he has going for him is the fact that he does almost everything all-out at top speed, and he's able to stay in control and he sees and thinks quickly enough to do it. Not many players really do that and it gives him an advantage. You especially see this in some of his blocking.

Probably just a role player at the next level, but a worthy get nonetheless.

Love Travis Kelce, also really like Mychal Rivera. Justice Cunningham is highly underrated. I think Chris Gragg would be a guy that reminds me more of Dunsmore than Mychal Rivera. Big fan of Gavin Escobar and Levine Toilolo.