As we now know, gone are the days of 3-4 year rebuilding periods in today's NFL. In recent years we have seen teams like the Saints, Niners, and Cardinals go from bad/ mediocre to a Title contender seemingly overnight thanks to drastically improved QB play and great coaching that gets the most out of the talent on the roster. Going into this past off season, I was of the opinion that we did not need a team overhaul, we needed a real QB, a real coaching staff and a couple of playmakers here and there in the secondary and on offense... That's why I was so pissed about the Marshall and Davis trades.
My point is that today's NFL is all about QB and coaching. If Philbin is our Sean Payton, and he believes that Tannehill will soon become our Drew Brees, then there is no reason why we can't win now simply by adding a few of the right pieces. Obviously my theory is predicated on Tanny improving by leaps and bounds in the next year or two, but if our staff has that much faith in him, they should make a big push to win right now.
They should cut Incognito, let Hartline, Long, Bush, Smith and Starks all walk to free up as much space as possible, bring back Fasano cheap, and kick Odrick inside to start next to start at his more natural position anyhow. In free agency, I would make a hard push for TWO top receivers (two out of Wallace, Jennings and Bowe) a guard to replace crappy Incognito, and a playmaker at corner or safety like Goldson. We should honestly have the cap space to do all that. In the draft, target one of the beast pass rushers at 12 like Dion Jordan and go after OL, a good back that fits the system, a speedy linebacker and more secondary help with the rest of our plethora of top 100 picks.
With Tannehill making (hopefully) big improvements, having time to throw and an outlandishly good cast of playmakers, there should be no excuses to not have a great offense for years to come. Defensively, so long as we continue to build around speed, pass rush and playmakers in the secondary, we should remain top 10 in the league as well.

Houshmazilly, Championship. Don't **** this up Ireland, this is a make or break off season.