Here are my takeaways:

-Tannehill has a real chance to be special. Watching all those throws and runs back to back like that instead of spread out here and there over the course of the season, it is clear how talented he is and how much potential there is, especially given how inexperienced he still is as a QB. I will never tire of seeing that absolutely perfect ball he threw to Clay in the Seattle game.

-The Offensive line was even worse than I initially thought. I reeaaallly hate to say it but they need to invest here, for the umpteenth friggin' time, whether Long goes or not. I will still be peeved if they go for an o-lineman like Warmack, Matthews or Fisher in round 1 but, make no mistake, the line play was downright atrocious at many times.

-There were quite a few touchdowns left on the field this season. I'm only talking about what was shown in the video, too, not any of the times Tannehill barely overthrew Hartline. Look, I love Davone Bess and what he does for this offense. However, the guy is simply allergic to making real impact plays. He is great as a dependable chain mover, but sooooo many gd times in that video, he caught passes that easily should have been housed. Tannehill could have had better ball placement on a few but Davone's lack of burst was perfectly illustrated here. He's like OJ McDuffie with 30% less playmaking ability, and McDuffie was not exactly a TD machine either. Bess should have had at least 4-5 more TD's this season and Hartline should have had another 5-7 as well. The way RT scrambles to buy time to find an open guy is a bit Roethlisberger-esque in a "master of the broken play" way but Jesus, his receivers have to help him out. That will hopefully be rectified this offseason.

-Receivers falling all over the place, either while making a catch or immediately after. Again, some of this goes back to Tannehill being inaccurate at times, but it is maddening how often this phenomenon has occurred the last several seasons. The same exact thing happened all the time with Henne at QB too. Hartline is by far the biggest offender, followed closely by Bess. I am really hoping Tannehill can clean up his ball placement as he becomes more polished. Frankly, I am worried that it may be the difference between Tannehill becoming a great QB and just a good one.