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Yep. Losing in the AFCCG is a grand achievement that we should all stand in awe of.
winning 4 playoff games, losing 2 title games looks like the greatest dynasty in football compared to one playoff app and ZERO playoff wins in the last 11 seasons.

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What makes him any different than you? You're just one person like he is. You aren't any more or less important. Now your eyes, your eyes are truthful and keen and you trust them so maybe they trump my co-worker and half of the human beings in this world.

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Any thread where anyone argues with Junc is pointless but we do it b/c it's fun, I guess. I'd rather be getting snatch over this **** but you can't exactly do that at work. Well most can't

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All fools who know nothing and don't trust their eyes. They don't look at logic nor they understand how the NFL works. All complete tools if you ask me.
we are all entitled to our opinions but what is the point of bringing up a co-workers opinion?

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The definition of elite:
A group of people considered to be the best in a particular society or category, esp. because of their power, talent, or wealth.

Last I knew, if you win the Super Bowl, you're considered the best - hence you're elite. This doesn't include the 2009-2011 NY Jets.
So I guess Peyton and Aaron Rodgers aren't elite? we can only have 1 elite in any category according to you.

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No matter how many coats of paint you put on it , 8-8 will never be elite.

Of course 8-8 is not elite, I never said it was. Our 2 elite seasons were '09 & '10 but overall from 2009-2011 we were elite including the down year b/c we still were elite 2 of 3 seasons which is more than any other team in that span.