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Why do you guys continue to bang your heads against a brick wall. You're dealing with the similarities of a retarded little boy. I'm done with him and if you stop feeding him he will either:

a. Go away or
b. Create a second account and argue with himself
When it comes to "cockroaching" enemy sites, talk is cheap, but he doesn't have the balls to post a simple yes/no "09-11 Jets Elite? poll his, the most homeristic of the 3 major jets forums. He's already being treated as the court jester there as well as here, and in his heart of heart knows he'd be laughed off the site for his ridiculousness. Here he's been repudiated on this poll 34 to zero yet he doesn't realize that continuing to parse facts, conveniently pro rate or make the kinds of assumptions he takes others to task for, while defending everything jets only solidifies most everyone's opinion that he's a biased troll looking for reaction.