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This article sucks. Eddie Brown with 6000+ yards and 40+ TD's? Gtfo. I don't care who was drafted after him. The guy made a pro bowl.
You stole my theme but thank you for highlighting the Eddie Brown absurdity. I sampled the thread, not the article. Bleacher Report is generally too cluttered for my tastes, even when the content is good. When Eddie Brown's name popped up it was difficult to believe it wasn't a spoof. He was a big play dynamo who averaged nearly 17 yards per reception. Only an injury -- I believe it was a neck injury -- shortened his career and prevented him from reaching the reputation his talent deserved. You can make a case he belongs on the underrated list.

I didn't look at the list but Tim Couch deserves to be extremely high. The highest profile busts like Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell at least had the physical talent to be a great player. Tim Couch had nothing, other than -- eventually -- a Playmate of the Year wife. Weak arm and awful mechanics. No athletic ability. I was on Las Vegas radio that spring and said I wouldn't take him in the 5th round. He was a franchise killer if anyone ever fit the description. If you take a guy like that in the 6th or 7th round, where his talent warranted he should be picked, then you experiment with him at starter eventually, but once that fails it's no big deal and you demote him back to a reserve, where he belongs. But when you're dense enough to take him high, let alone #1 overall -- it's still difficult for me to type that -- you are forced to waste season after season. In Cleveland's case it came at just the wrong time, the rebirth of the franchise. And it destroyed Butch Davis' NFL coaching career, once he was moronic enough to sign with a team quarterbacked by Tim Couch. I sent him a warning letter. Darn fool didn't write back, unlike Barry Switzer. He's the greatest, Barry Switzer. Always answered my letters in handwritten form and at length, with great enthusiasm and humor.