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Couple of drops in there on deep over the shoulder type passes that are a little concerning. Not everyone is good at those. You'd hate to be one of those that can't do that well. But other stuff, I mean even on totally non-descript plays where he gains like 5 yards, he's doing something that make your eyelids pop.

One of my favorites is when he's on a jet sweep I think against South Carolina and the corner gets tied up with the receiver on the perimeter and gets in his way. He gets to the corner, turns up the field while leaping over the two players and he cleared seriously no less than 16-17 feet through the air. This wasn't a track and field long jump setting (where his best is 22 feet), this is a football field with the football in his hands and bodies on the ground in front of him, and he has to turn a corner before doing this and he still clears like 16 feet in the air if not more. He gets hit right as he comes down but he stays up for a bit and eventually gets gang tackled.
CK - Any word on why he went JUCO before coming to Knoxville? His agility in the open field for a guy his size is quite stunning. But on the flip side, that over the shoulder drop he had against GA in the video was as bad as bad can get. But the snag on the slant against Vandy shows he doesn't have bad hands at all. Perhaps a concentration thing?