Many Phans of the Miami Dolphins have lost patience with the team after many years of mediocrity and worse. It does not take a "rocket surgeon" to see, just look at the attendance with Ross and advertisers spending a ton of money to buy tens of thousands of unsold seats to be allowed to televise the games last year.

Phans don't even have guys to "dislike" or Boo like Ginn, Henne, Tuna, and Tony, which leaves only Ireland becoming extremely boring as well as extremely over done. As a result, many Phans have just stopped caring with a let me know when there is something worth caring about again because I'm So Tired of trying to believe.

This is one hell of a problem for Ross, Ireland, and Philbin to solve. Building through the draft would have worked 4-5 years ago but, no longer. Phans are not gonna get excited, and buy tickets, to see our top pick to block, tackle, or cover. What is the team to do?

We could promote Tannehill who looked good but, not the same as RG3, Wilson or Luck to make a BIG impact. Many fans like Big Jake, who will likely be gone, and Bush, who also could be gone. We do have better teams coming in next year, and that will sell some tickets, although to see the other team.

IMO, this leaves the team one option, which is FA, and only one position to look to, which is WR. We MUST sign at least one of the Big Three WR's, two being better, to create a BUZZ for this years team. There is no other choice, aside from maybe having to "listen" to games on the radio for many.