Well its the off season and im sick of logo and Ireland talk, so here is a little filler thread.

Who do you think are our most underrated players? Both nationally and within the fanbase. Im not talking about the likes of Pouncey because he didn't make the pro bowl, Pouncey is a stud.

Il throw a few names out to start us off:

- Brandon Fields, the fact that he is a good punter has been accepted among Dolphin fans for a long time but this guy is special. In terms of ability and skill at his position Fields is hands down our best player and is one of the best players in the entire NFL, the guy is more than a good punter he is a proper weapon. Yes he doesn't play a flashy position that will earn him plaudits but Fields is elite.

-Anthony Fasano- plays tough, consistent football, never lets us down and comes up with a few big plays now and again. no he isnt a seam threat but he doesn't claim to be, that isnt how he trys to play the game. If Fasano played on a winning team partnered with a pass catching tight end like Gronk he would be a valued and highly thought of player. He made the best play of any Dolphins player this season that catch against the 49ers was brilliant, he blocked well all season and was our leading receiver of touchdowns.... yet a good few on here don't think he is worth a new contract - utter madness, put this guy on the open market and he wont last a day.

-Jason Trusnik, John Denney and Marlon Moore- They aren't great players, they wont be legends placed in the honour roll and they wont be mentioned on here in 15 years time, they are decent back ups at best and that's it. However all three are important to the Dolphins and have a long future with the team as they are exceptional special teams players, again not a flashy job but its a job that needs to be done regardless of whether you are going to be picking number one overall or winning the Superbowl! Denny is the longest serving player on the roster which means he is good at what he does.

-Chris Clemons- A damn good safety he isnt a pro bowler and gets overshadowed by Jones but this guy can play. He is really solid and very rarely lets us down. Another player who isnt flashy and is often overlooked. He is out of contract and we need to get him a new one, he has a good partnership with Jones.