Koa Misi looked good to me after the switch to the 4-3. I think he's still undervalued around here.

We're paying Carpenter quite a bit but his effortless distance, initial height, and great mechanics are a terrific combo in a kicker. He's not appreciated enough. I got sick watching so many college kickers line up poorly in bowl games. You can tell immediately if it's going to err right right of center or left of center, simply by the lousy alignment, like amateur golfers who invariably aim too far right. College hash marks are wider and countless kickers don't step it off properly from severe angles. They wander back there and merely guess. I can't believe none of the announcers point it out. Several of us play a game in Las Vegas sportsbooks, betting tourists on whether the kick will err left of center or right of center. You can watch him line up and set the price in your head immediately. Then the tourist will believe he's getting a bargain if you give him 6/5 on what looks like 50/50, but you know damn well it's easily 2/1 likelihood or greater. The only problem is sometimes when it's virtually smack in the middle and there are arguments over whether it was slightly left or slightly right.

Historically, Bill Stanfill is one of the best players in franchise history but you'd never know it based on how little recognition he receives.