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Not sure why people think you just slide odrick over and problem solved. So the plan at dt, is to roll with randall odrick and soliai??? What if soliaia bolts after next year when hes a free agent?

If dt is bpa at 12, than take it. Star @12, is a pretty damn good pick.

Too many people here assume that we draft a wr or cb regardless of value @12.

This isnt getting fixed in one year. Piss on ireland all you want, its a new offense and defense with new coaches, your looking to improve next year, and we got.guys that dont fit and need replaced.

Its not like we draft a wr and cb in the draft and suddenly we are the.favorites to win the division.
We are looking for more than improvement next season, we're looking for playoffs. Perhaps spending a first round pick on a WR/CB won't make or break us, but i can confidently tell you what were working with now won't cut it next year. Since DT is Odrick's more natural position, the plan should be to slide him inside and pencil Vernon to start on the outside at the moment. You can build depth in the middle rounds and you should when you have such blatant holes such as WR.