Life Long Fins Fan!

So i was all for sigining 2 big name WR and throwing 16-20 Mil at (Jennings & Wallace or Bowe, any combo of both) But then i started think of the many holes we will create by doing this. So i came up with a different plan from my GM seat/ couch.

Here we go.

Start off by Dumping Patterson or Carp for extrap cap space. So we have 40 mil if im not mistaked. Dumping one of those or both should bring us around 45 mil.

Some of these #'s may be too high or too low (Hartline, Bush)


Jennings - 9 mil
Finley or Cook - 4.5 mil

Hartline - 6 mil (I believe i read that what he asking for 5 mil to start)
Bush - 4 mil (Probably less but going off the last deal i kept it close)(Plus i was pumped that he wants to play the slot more if he comes back)
Long - 9 Mil (too high?)
32.5 Million

Starks - 5 mil ( Too Low?)
Smith - 7 mil

Now we are around 44.5 Mil spent.

With 5 picks in the First 3 rounds we go :
WR - 1 (2)
DB - 1(2)
OL - 1
DE/LB - 1 (2)(Pass Rush)

Take either 2 WR or DB or Pass rush (lb/de) (dbl up on BPA)

RB - Bush, Miller, DT, Thigpen
WR - Jennings, Hartline, Bess, Rookie WR, Matthews (Bush)
TE - Finley/Cook, Clay, Egnew
OL - Long,Richie,Pouncey,Jerry,Martin --- Depth/ starter (Rookie OL)

DL- Wake, Paul, Randy, Jared or Vernon ( Rookie DL / Pass rush)
LB - Misi, Kevin, Dansby, (Rookie LB / Pass rush)
CB Smith, Jones, Marshall, FA or Rookie DB

Plus that leaves the other picks to fill back up roles or maybe an "acorn" that could help in an area of need?

Just my thoughts. What do you guys think ? Too Madden - ish LMAO. Could we win with this TEAM?????
This doesnt include any suprise cuts or restructuring of contracts that may free up more money.