The more I understand about these background checks, the more I think they are a complete joke. Criminals obtain guns through second hand sales where there is no need for background checks. That is complete bull ****. Guns need to be registered, background/mental checks on anyone that wants to own a gun. If someone is going to sell a gun, whoever is buying needs to go through the whole routine.
What is that going to solve? Most of the guns used in these shootings are stolen. I know you hate old white men (the typical NRA members), but they aren't the ones doing these shootings. Young, white, highly intelligent males who have grown up isolated and sit on their Xbox in their spare time blowing **** up, are the culprit.

Now of course some crazy would attack a school instead of a police station. However, the most schools are going to have is a couple of armed guards. They will be the first to die in a shoot out. If you seriously think they will have first mover advantage then you dreaming. By the way, where is the money to come from to pay for this security?
If that's true, then why do these shooters kill themselves immediately when the police arrive? Surely a sick person with superior fire power could take a patrol vehicle out and continue on shooting. Once the police come, that's when the shooter kills himself. Armed security would be a deterrent and would help lessen more people getting shot, IMO.

Based on your views I'm sure I might seem bat **** crazy to you. However, I can guarantee you for most of the civilized world you would be placed firmly in that camp.
we live in a society that doesn't care about life. Our society would rather watch dancing with the stars then learn the history of their own freedom and the sacrifices others around the world have done for them. Based on the last election the masses actually believe that if we were to just somehow tax wealthy people, that will solve all of our/their fiscal problems. The electorate also believes the government is more efficient with your money and healthcare than they are. You can have the civilized world on your "side", ill form my own thoughts/opinions.