I really don't understand the hate that Daniel Thomas receives from this sites posters.

The guy was a key part of us scoring TD's in the Red Zone over the last 2 years.
He gets critical yards on the goal-line when no blocking is there.

He was a late 2nd round pick that came to a team with offensive line problems.
What did you expect for him to lead the league in rushing?

I think he has done quite well considering the team he is playing on and the blocking he receives.

Lets compare his production to other backs taken early in the 2011 draft

Round, Pick, Player, Results

1, 28, Mark Ingram, 295 touches, 1151 yards from scrimage, 10 TD's
2, 38, Ryan Williams, 65 touches, 208 yards from scrimage, 0 TD's
2, 56, Shane Vareen, 85 touches, 457 yards from scrimage, 5 TD's
2, 57, Mikel LeShoure, 249 touches, 1012 yards from scrimage, 9 TD's
2, 62, Daniel Thomas, 283 touches, 1134 yards from scrimage, 5 TD's
3, 71, Demarco Murray, 385 touches, 1990 yards from scrimage, 6 TD's
3, 93, Stevan Ridley, 386 touches, 1768 yards from scrimage, 13 TD's
3, 96, Alex Green, 157 touches, 606 yards from scrimage, 0 TD's
4, 105, Roy Helo, 209 touches, 1066 yards from scrimage, 3 TD's
4, 115, Kendall Hunter, 209 touches, 1099 yeard from scrimage, 4 TD's

So, Thomas being the 5th back taken in the draft has the 4th most yards, and 5th most TD's playing on a team with bad blocking.
And we have him under contract for the next 2 years on the cheap.

He is part of the solution for the next few years and not the problem. He is not going anywhere so get used to him being a Fin.