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The reason people have a difficulty with Thomas, in my view, is that he is the embodiment of Ireland's draft philosophy, ie to go for low downside safe picks in the top of the draft. Worse still, Ireland put such a premium on him being a solid, low risk, starting player that he moved up for the guy.

Then to top it off, the guy turns out to be not so safe after all. I feel for him, despite him being underwhelming, because its Jeff Ireland most of us are disappointed with, more so than Thomas.

We owe Daniel Thomas a debt of gratitude, in that he is a lesson to Ireland that you can never be sure of a safe, cant-miss starter. I think Ireland took more risk on playmakers in the last draft (Tannehill, Miller, Egnew, Vernon) and hopefully will refine his style and do it better this time round. But his failed Thomas ploy was probably one of the factors that pushed him to be more aggressive last time out.
This. Plus all 4 of our running backs on the roster from 2010 became free agents, typical Ireland with no foresight is forced to panic in the draft to fill a gaping hole. Remember we were giving guys like Tiki Barber and Jerome Bettis workouts that offseason? Plus Ricky Williams couldn't stand to be on a team with these buffoons anymore so he took his services elsewhere.