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Easy to say things like that but you better be ready to back them up.

Here are the big free agent running backs from last year with salary and production compared to DT

Green-Ellis to Cincy for 3 year $9M contract ($3M per) 1198 yards from scrimage
Bush to Bears for 4 year $14M contract ($3.5M per) 494 yards from scrimage
Tolbert to Carolina for 4 year $8.4M contract ($2.1M per) 451 yards from scrimage
Hillis to KC for 1 year $3M contract ($3M per) 371 yards from scrimage
Benson to GB for 1 year 825K contract (825K per) 345 yards from scrimage
Grant to GB for 1 year 700K contract (700K per) 161 yards from scrimage

DT drafted by Miami for 4 year 3.2M contract (800K per) Averages 567 yard from scrimage per year

As you can see the Free Agent card very seldom works. The only free agent running back that did better than DT last year was Green Ellis.
And Cincy is paying him 4 time what we are paying DT. The only backs with comparable contract are Grant and benson and there is no way they sign with us for the same price.
Both gave the Packers discounts to be on possible Super Bowl team. So yeah you can replace him with a free agent and probably pay 3 to 4 times as much for the same or lesser production

The number above give a good guideline about the value of Free agent running backs and should help set a price guideline for what to offer Reggie Bush this year.
I meant a rookie free agent. I think the guy we signed from Notre Dame (Gray?) who was injured his rookie season has as much potential as Thomas, if you want to quote his rookie stats that's fine!