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I agree with this.

Pass rushers Miami should consider at #42 overall include Cornellius Carridine and Corey Lemonier. I would be happy with either player. Both are great value for what they are.

This wide receivers class is so deep, if you've already got the guy at #12 in Patterson that you think provides the same spark for your offense that Julio Jones provides in Atlanta, and in free agency you've either re-signed Brian Hartline or decided to upgrade to Greg Jennings, then you could even wait a little while before you start rolling the dice on some other guys. For example, you could wait until the 4th round or so and roll the dice on STRENGTH guys like Marcus Davis or Chris Harper. These are guys that have a history of physically wrestling the ball in the air away from defenders, with strong hands, and then showing strength and power in their running after the catch.
Yeah, it's just hard for me to emotionally get on board with Carridine in the first two rounds, knowing he's coming off serious late-season injury. I know that the value is outstanding, and if it weren't for the injury, I would have liked him at 12. So I'd like the pick. I just wouldn't excited about it. As for WR, I'm at a point where I want every player I add at the position to be dynamic in some way. I think you're missing out on one of the key strengths of this draft class by passing up the WR's who should be there in the 2nd and 3rd Rounds (some may fall to the 4th, who knows?). I saw Lemonier twice this season. I don't remember the other teams. But he looked very good (I think I told hoops that something about him reminds me of Wake - though he's not as explosive) in the very game and mediocre in the 2nd. I've been meaning to revisit him.