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And you convince me how the supply side does not manipulate the market. Or do you really think we are tethered to gasoline engines and coal and oil fired electricitybecause no viable alternative is developed? Or do you think the government was not manipulating the market for its friends by mandating new light bulbs and TVs, because the market was not going in those directions on its own fast enough?

Tell me how Bush wasn't tarred with pics of flag draped coffins, yet Obama has yet to receive the coverage of his drone strikes and gun running. You seem to believe that the demand side totally dictates what the supply side does. But the supply side can manipulate the demand side as well. Or have you forgotten the secret ingredient in coca cola, or how cigarettes were spiked?
I don't agree with supply side economics, no. In most industries the competition for demand ultimately makes the supply side deal a relatively straight hand, in my view. Sure there are exceptions but not really all that many. I remember a popular conspiracy theory from my youth was that the car companies were stopping hover boards from reaching the market. The oft repeated story now seems to be of an easy source of clean energy that's not being tapped because of the oil lobby. Fables all.

True conspiracies of this type are rare because a controlling monopoly not only has to have total access to the supply of whatever it's selling, but also have total control over the innovation it's withholding. That's a hard set of variables to master. You do see it with video games. The abysmal upgrades from year to year of EA's Madden franchise are an example. NFL2K had undoubtedly better game play, especially at the beginning. That forced EA to ramp up their quality... which they quickly ramped down again once they secured an exclusive contract with the NFL and NFLPA, and now offer little more than roster updates with each new version.

I don't agree it applies to the media. There are endless choices for the public. No entity has control over the supply. Not even close. That means any viewing demographic that can be tapped, will. An "uneven" supply therefore would only imply an uneven demand. These examples you're offering as a counter aren't even good ones. Hardly one to one. But specifics can never make the case for a general argument that doesn't hold water.