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Percy harvin almost leads the league in all purpose yards every year... ya he hasnt reached a 1000 yard season... but who was his qb every year cmon with a good qb percy would b the most electrifying player in this league he was on pace to shatter records this year but was shut down because an injury and an argument with the coaching staff.. I would love him on our team he can play receiver, running back, kr hes an all around beast n would be better than alot of those other guys everyone is talking about... some of u all just dont no football... he was being said to be the mvp for the Viking s b4 he got injured and I recall ap saying him and percy was like having to mjs on one team.... hes better than any player we've ever had at that position n he comes with no bagadge
We already have an all purpose yards player in Reggie Bush and we barely even use him properly. Sorry I think we keep Bush and look for more of a traditional receiver, like Jennings rather than add Percy. If Percy is cool with a fair contract I won't mind it though but it looks to me he wants DeSean Jackson money which is not happening here, at least I hope. Mike Wallace and Jennings are more deserving of that type of contract.