From what I understand, the team is going to be asking for some public funding to renovate the stadium, with Ross putting in a bunch as well. IF a deal gets done, the stadium's life would be extended by around 25 years.

However, Marlins owner Luria (perhaps the BIGGEST ASS in the history of sport) has made that next to impossible with the public funding he got. People and politicians are FUMING over what this FRAKIN JERK has done here.

To be fair, Ross and the Dolphins do deserve some help based on their history, as well as bringing a lot of money into South Fla with Super Bowls over the years. Just don't see it happening for some time because of Luria.

To finish my vent on THE BIGGEST ASS IN SPORTS HISTORY, he just told his GM that he cannot do a a radio show, and is prohibited from having any interviews. He is a very HATED man here, and deservedly so. If he fracks up the Doplhins, the hate will grow.

Anyone want to chip in for some tar and feathers on his way out of town?