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I'm sure its all prearranged, the city will give money for upgrades contingent on superbowl promises. Just one superbowl is probably worth at least $50 million in spinoff revenues to the city.
Why would they give any money?
The Supoerbowl has much less economic impact on south Florida than let's day NY, Indianapolis or Detroit. Who wants to go up there in winter time? We already have tourism so besides some extra people going to the game we don't have much of an impact. For Ross, having the Superbowl here is an ego thing. The last time Ross wanted a roof the counties and cities shut him down already. Reason: economic impact does not justify the cost.

Ross wants to do ugrades: pay for them. I am sick and tired of billionaire owners always looking for hand outs. The average small business owner has to pay for their own expansion.