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I think you meant to say 20 TOUCHES a game. He needs the ball more in open field situations, if we can start to figure out how to use him in screens he could be lethal. Didn't see much of that this year. But I say keep him, dont overpay him but give him fair market value for a mid level starting RB. Hes not the problem, its how weve been using him IMO. Get him 12-15 carries and 5 or 6 receptions a game and he could be lighting it up.
Yes, this is exactly what I mean. I think this desire for him and the team to prove that he can run between the tackles is stupid. Just because he can run between the tackles (which he can) doesn't mean its the most effective way he should be used. We need more swing passes, screens, short passes... Line him up wide more, whatever, he just needs more touches and he needs more touches in space.