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Thread: Wyoming Bill Would Nullify Obama Gun Control, Jail Feds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolphins9954 View Post
    What about the Bill of Rights????

    So if they get money from the feds they should accept any infringement and attack on liberties by the feds???

    What are you a pimp???
    Quote Originally Posted by MoFinz View Post
    So, states aren't allowed to secede, but they are eligible to be kicked out? Ummm, yeah. I think that short bus just pulled up to take you back to the home....
    Nothing better to say, revert to insults. That's cool with me. I revert Mo's picture back to both of you.

    What liberty is being attacked? That you can't carry around an assault weapon? That you have to go through a more thorough process in order to carry a gun?
    Technically the requirement to have a driver license, insurance etc to drive a car is an infringement on my right to express myself. I should be able to build my own car (dam all safety regulations) and just drive it at any age. I should also be able to drive through a red light. It is my way of expressing myself. Why do we even have traffic lights? Let the strongest win at any intersection. It is all so restrictive and violates my constitutional, individual right.

    Sounds ridiculous? Yeah it does. So does your everlasting "my rights, my rights, my rights" when your rights under the constitution are not being attacked or put in danger (at least not in the 2nd amendment case).

    Who said that a State is being kicked out Mo? Did I? Nooooooo.

    But can a State secede? The constitution is really not very clear on that. The only example we have is a Supreme Court decision in the 19th century which declared the Union as final. But I am sure if a State wants to and all members would agree and Congress would put forth an amendment (with 2/3 majority) it would be possible. And if a State would really want to who is going to stop them? But nobody has seriously tried it in modern history. The money from Washington is just too good (Governor Perry would agree with that). Therefore the States play to the simple minded who really don't know a darn thing about the constitution except sing in a chorus "my right my right" and keep collecting Federal money.

    Hey, worst/best case scenario a revolution should solve the issue.
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