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Thread: Cap Stuff You Don't Want To Think About

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    Cap Stuff You Don't Want To Think About

    Let's be honest here. Most Phans do not want to know about all the cap nonsense we have been forced to learn. We all just want to talk football, not accounting. However, there is no way around it, and has become a part of the game for Phans, GM's and coaches.

    I'll try to make this simple, as not to bore posters, although that is unlikely. Try to bear with me for what we can do in FA.

    Teams can roll over their cap space from last year, if the want to. If they do not, it is gone, simple enough.

    This year, as per the new CBA, teams no longer will have the option. Whatever you do not spend is part of the salary cap, and will roll over, like it or not. That means that teams last chance of being cheap ends.

    Teams MUST spend 89% of the cap starting this year. This has caused some cap confusion for GM's. They know that this year's cap is the same, and they have to deal with it. Simple enough.

    Then, we get int 2014, when TV revenue will increase by 60%. There is a split on if that means the salary cap will go absolutely nuts or, have an increase of 7-10% per year. There are conflicting opinions on what will happen between NFLPA, NFL, owners, agents, and the water boys.

    This makes a difference in what every team's GM can do. Do they sign players this year expecting a modest increase in the cap or, plan an a windfall of cap space they MUST spend? It matters on every contract.

    GM's have it a lot tuffer than they used to.
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    I'm gonna have to find a way to block you either on the mains or in VIP, so I don't have to read the same stuff twice on two different boards!!!! LOL
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