Most teams talkendlessly about the importance of re-signing their own players. The Dolphinsshould take the exact opposite approach. Why? Look, the past four years, Miamihas had changes in Offensive as well as defensive coordinators. They’ve had 3head coaches, the results are the same-three straight losing seasons. Changeshave to be complete, cosmetic changes will only yield same result. Take a lookat Miami’s free agents list and you will see why these players are not going tohelp you beat the New England Patriots or get you into the playoffs. These players are mediocre at best. Now I askyou, do you want to rebuild around mediocrity? Do you really want to resignFasano and Jake? Really?
I will be thefirst to admit one or two of these players deserve to be resigned or rewardedwith a new contract solely based on their last year’s performance. However threequestions must be answered: One, have they reached their potentials? Two, arethere upgrades? Three, are there replacements? Take Randy Starks for example,the guy is an amazing player but he has reached his potential and there is aperfect replacement-Odrick. Ditto for Bush! My problem with Sean Smith isthree-fold. If he’s not getting burned he is missing assignments or gettingflagged for PI.
Under the new CBA,I believe Miami MUST spend a good portion of their cap space, around 90%. Withmore than $45 million in cap space if Miami is going to spend the big-bucks infree agency, they most likely will be on young players. Maintaining a healthy salary cap from one yearto another is critical for any team, and especially one with a long-term planof rebuilding. One bad contract could hamper the team for years to come.
With the mockdrafts and 2013 NFL draft rumors flying, it is very important to remember the FAclass as well. While the draft is still the best way to build a team, FA is thebest way to upgrade and plug holes. Free agency is where you find battle-testedplayers. No team in the NFL this year is more opportune to change the course oftheir team’s history than the Miami Dolphins. The 2013 NFL draft as well as theFree Agents class is very dolphins-friendly. The caveat is Jeff Ireland.