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In all due respect, Odrick is a kid who should be able to play the snaps. Hell, MANY others are doing the same. He "may" have natural pass rush instincts but, I have yet to see them. From what I have seen, his sacks and hits are created by others or, just because he is the player there.

He has to beat the man in front of him to rush the QB, have not seen that. I am not giving up on him but, Pee Wee needs to get bigger in making some plays. Vernon, Misi, and Starks (at DT) have shown him the way.
From the Miami Herald:

Odrick has been on the field for more than 80 percent of his teamís defensive snaps.

And his best work has been at defensive tackle, where he is usually placed in passing situations. Pro Football Focus ranks Odrick 63rd of the 64 4-3 defensive ends who have taken at least 25 percent of their teamís snaps this season, giving Odrick well-below-average marks in pass rush.

Meanwhile, Pro Football Focus rated Odrick as a top 20 3-4 DE in 2011, with many of those snaps coming in nickel passing situations where he was basically a 4-3 DT. Sharing playing time last year he had more sacks (6) than he did this year (5).

His best destiny is inside. Not only is playing outside hurting his production inside, but he's just not very good out there.