I was wondering if any of you guys play MMO's.

Im a non-stereotypical video game nerd, im capable of having a normal conversation with other people, I play sports regularly (Rugby) and I have a girlfriend but dear lord I have a serious MMO addiction I play them much more than I should and they are by far my favourite game genre. If I had the choice of going out to a club with the Mrs or doing a raid with my mates who I have never even met... odds are im doing the raid

My drug of choice is Star Wars the old republic, I also dabble in planet side 2 and recently I have played a bit of Rift and Everquest 2. Ive never got into WOW though, I just cant stand the leveling content, I do have all the games though, even the pandas. I play TOR obsessively, to the point the GF thinks I prefer my trooper to her. I really enjoy the social and team based aspects of MMO's especially raiding or massive coordinated assaults in ps2.

MMO's are just my thing, FPS with the exception of PS2 and maybe BF3 jut don't do it for me. I also love RPG's but MMO's are the core of my gaming diet.

This all may just seem nerdy gibberish to most of you but maybe I will find a few fellow MMO gamers on here