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Our 2 year run we won 4 playoff games, their 2 year run they won 2. They don't have to deal w/ NE in their division or they would have been a WC team both years too.
You can use playoff wins all you want, but Pitt had a bye week in 2010 and that counts for something. The Jets were a WC team both years (9-7 and 11-5 compared to Pitt 12-4 times 2) and played in 6 playoff games with no Super Bowl app. The Jets 2 year run ended with nothing. Pitt played in 4 playoff games including the Super Bowl. This is what I find funny, you talk up the Jets AFCC game losses and try to argue that the Jets are better because of 2 more playoff wins. The Steelers actually won an AFCC game and played in a Super Bowl in the last 4 years. You always talk down NE's division titles in 2009 and 2010 saying what would they prefer a division title or the Jets playoff wins. Pitt has better regular season records and a trip to the Super Bowl. Which would you prefer? 2 more meaningless playoff wins, or playing in the Super Bowl?

Pitt is NE of the AFC North. They have to deal with Bal, which is a lot tougher than what NE has to deal with in the AFCE.