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If I am trying to compare which team is better based on playoff apps, it matters a lot to me.

Which happened to come in a year that the Pats were losers of 4 out of 5 at one point and finished 9-7. The Jets needed Miami to lose the final two games of that season to win the division at 9-7. The Jets didn't win it because they were a great team. They won it because NE struggled and Miami choked. Like I said before, NE would still have their share of division titles if they were in the North, but Pitt or Bal would have competed the 5 times that NE won the East winning 11 games or less, or the 7 times they won it winning 12 or less.

They count for a head to head comparison just like the regular season head to head games do. Bal and Pitt have won 12 or more games 50% of the time in the last 4 seasons.

I'm not using 1 playoff game and claiming Bal is better. I'm just using all of their head to head games and regular season records to compare how they would do against each other if they were in a division together. I'll count the Jets win in the playoffs. NE is still 6-3 against the Jets in the last 4 years. Compare that to the 2-3 record NE has against Bal and Pitt the last 4 years. NE has blown out the Jets several times, and the Jets largest margin of victory over NE is a 14 point win in 2009. NE has never blown out Bal in the last 4 years and Bal beat NE by 19 in 2009 and by 15 in 2012. The Jets have one close loss to NE. Bal has lost 3 close games to NE by 6 or less points.

I thought playoff wins didn't win a division? Pitt was 15-1 that year and beat NE in the regular season. How would it have been possible for NE to win the North that year?

I actually brought up the post season games, and included it the 4-2 record Brady has against Pitt in the Big Ben era. I scoffed at you calling that domination when you have consistently marginalized that same 4-2 record the Dolphins have over the Jets in their elite years.

Scott Zolak could have won that game had he been the starter. The STs and D won that game, not Brady. It ridiculous to give him credit for that win.

And still had trouble winning 9 games on their own.

Even if you include the win against 4-12 Cincy, the Jets are only 2-1 in the regular season against the AFC North. 2-2 if you count the AFCCG loss to Pitt. How is a 2-1 regular season record against the North going to help the Jets win the division that year when both Bal and Pitt still won more games than the Jets?

The common games for Pitt and the Jets in 2009 were:
(Titans, Bengals, Raiders, Dolphins)

3-2 for Jets. Though it is hardly fair to count the game in which Cincy had no desire to win.
2-3 for Pitt.

The common regular season games the Ravens and Jets had in 2009 were:
(NE, Oak, Indy, Cincy)

4-1 for the Jets. Again, hardly fair to count the Indy game and Cincy game.
1-4 for Bal.

Bal and Pitt won 9 games with no gimmes in 2009.

Common regular season games for Bal and the Jets in 2010 were
(Jets/Ravens, Bengals, Browns. Pitt, NE, Buff, Mia)

8-3 for Jets.
7-3 for Ravens.

Common regular season games for Pitt and the Jets in 2010 were:

(Pitt/Jets Bal, Cle, Mia, Buff, Cincy, NE)

7-3 for the Jets
5-3 for Pitt

Ravens and Pitt both won 12 regular season games that year, and the Jets won 11. Pitt made the Super Bowl by beating the Jets.

Common regular season games for Pitt and the Jets in 2011 were:
(Bal, Jax, NE)

1-4 for the Jets
2-2 for Pitt

Common regular season games for Bal and the Jets in 2011 were:
(Bal/Jets, Jags)

2-0 for Bal
1-2 for the Jets

The Ravens and Pitt both won 12 games again while the Jets won 8. Bal goes to AFCC game.

Common regular season games for Bal and the Jets in 2012 were:
(Pitt, NE, Hou, SD)
3-2 for Bal
1-4 for Jets

Common regular season games for Pitt and the Jets in 2012 were:
(Pitt/Jets Tenn, SD)
1-2 for Pitt
0-3 for the Jets.

Jets miss the playoff again at 6-10 while Bal goes to the Super Bowl.

What was the point of this whole thing again? Are we trying to compare the Jets to Bal and Pitt? I can make that a lot easier for both of us.

Pitt 1 division title, and 1 Super Bowl app in the last 4 years.
Bal 2 division titles and 1 Super Bowl app in the last 4 years.
Jets 0 division titles and 0 Super apps in the last 4 years.
I combined them.

It's very fair to count the Cincy game, they played starters for a half and we whipped them.

Bal and Pitt got SWEPT by Cincy, the jets went 2-0 against Cincy.

so we were better in common games in 2010 too?

The point is not that we were better just that we were on the same level, since the last 3 games of 2011 we have dropped off. Pitt has dopped off too but that's mostly b/c Ben got hurt.

I'm not ddebating 2011 and 2012, they were better than us both years obviously. It's about 2009 & 2010.

again, Pitt and Bal don't have to go through NE so they get home playoff games. it makes life easier.