Jeff has been angling for a top DE pass rusher the past couple of years and really tried to get one in Perry last year. I just see that as his choice unless 1 Jake Long is not resigned or 2 he finds a star reciever in his lap he cannot pass up. Could be a TE after listening to the draft chatter on this site I guess. Jeff keeps saying impact and in the past he has always made hints like these to kinda of tell us where he is going. Just do not see a guard in the first roun. My thinking if we use Long use his FA money on the best guard in FA out there which should be lots cheaper and take your chances on the outside with Jerry, Gardner, Martin and possibly the late 2nd or 3rd round on another OT. Just for debth I would rather have a Hartline, Smith ,Bush, Fasano, Clemons and possibly Starks come back with maybe a Wallace than to put a huge effort into Long. This move to resign those guys on the high side would cost with a FA guard around the 45000 cap space we have and put us in a good position to draft talent over need in the draft.