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I think we had too many needs to fill them all. Some would say DE/OLB wasnt a need because we had a starter there but we honestly needed Jordan. Having a red zone threat in the receiving game would have been really nice at some point. I wanted the UCLA tight end because he fit that mold, but Ireland valued other players there.
Fair enough. I did think we needed a pass rusher to complement and soon replace Wake. Jordan is a projection and a risk, but I didn't have a problem with the pick itself. I think he's a good prospect with length and speed and those have done well as of late. It also fits with one method of defending the read-option, which I've linked in my signature.

I just disliked using our 1st, both 2nds and one of our two 3rds on defense when we definitely have gaping holes on offense unfilled. Somewhere in there you've got to build around your young QB, and in the offseason Wallace was the only major upgrade to our offense I saw. The rest of the moves were not major upgrades and given that we had the 3rd most money in free agency and 5 draft picks in the top 82, I expected more.