YO He'll SOLVE IT!!!!!!!!!!



I know all of you slept on him, especially when Seattle took the lead thanks to Atlanta's defense and were ready to pounce on Matty Ice.

Some of us however NEVER BLINKED. Some of us were texting JCane BEFORE Seattle scored saying 30-28 Atlanta final and Seattle should be careful about leaving Matty Ice 45 seconds. Wish I could post the texts.

Turns out they left only 31. But, this is typical Matty Ice. Ive seen it too many times. Ive seen Matt Ryan come through in those exact situations. It was actually Atlanta's best shot to be down 2 in that exact situation.

Matthew ICE Ryan. Beast.

He did all of this despite his defense falling on its face in the 2nd half and his dog**** punter trying to give the game away. My exact text after the Seattle score was "Matty Ice time". J's response........ "dog**** time". Epic fail bro. The only dog**** was that punter from the U who clearly bet Seattle. What kind of KO was that after he **** the bed twice in a row on punts in the 4th qtr?

Indeed it was Matty Ice time. Now all of you can put to rest that nonsense that Matt Ryan cant win in the playoffs. Matty Ice is as clutch as there is in the game. He is a top 5 QB. ELITE!!!!!

Fact is that had we drafted Matt Ryan like we should have we would be winning games by the bunches every year and competing for titles. Forget that total nonsense about how he wouldve gotten killed with no LT bull****. That was the worst of all of the arguments. Matt Ryan is the goods. He can play in any system there is. The guy is the Matural. A complete QB who can make every throw and is as smart as anyone playing the position. He's a winner.

Matty Ice might just start his run of SB MVPs this year. Could be he and Brady going at it, the best 2 QBs in the game for the title.