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Russell Wilson has a top 5 D, top 5 Running game, a seam threat TE and a great offensive line not to mention very good Wrs (a true #1 in Sidney Rice)!! Its not to hard to suceed when all the pieces are in place all you have to do is be a game mananger and not turn the ball over and make some plays here and there.....If hes on a team like Miami Russel Wilson isnt even talked about this year....Tannehill should of had this team in the playoffs if it werent for Carpenter and that speaks volumes being they dont have any playmakers a below average running game and a pourous o-line...I just dont understand for the life of me these things arent brought up when comparing T-Hill to others huge diff with the circumstances.....Oh and one more thing T-Hill beat Wilson!! Thumbs Down big time on this thread next!!!
Homer alert! Anybody who watched Wilson and Tannehill play who is unbiased , would claim Wilson is better regardless of circumstances.