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In 2014 I would agree with you if Tannehill hasn't progressed. This draft, I'd be very upset if we passed up a top DE, CB, or WR to take another QB in those rounds. That is akin to buying a $300 pair of boots, then passing up a winter coat you desperately need to buy another pair of shoes you may or may not wear because they were on sale... In this scenario, you're not accounting for the fact that we have no td scoring playmakers at WR. Fasano is our only quality TE, and he lacks speed. Wake is an injury away from leaving us with no quality DEs, Dansby and Burnett are always injured, and SSmith lacks playmaking ability at CB. Addressing those positions will be best for the team this upcoming season.

Do we need more young developmental QBs, yes. Definitely. Do we need to spend a 2nd - 4th round pick on one THIS draft as a luxury pick? Not IMO... Let's see what happens with Devlin and MMoore, or whoever they decide to bring in to replace MMoore next preseason and season...
We have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds. Now factor in free agency. If we chose a QB in the 4th it wouldn't be as bad as you assume. This plan should only be exercised if someone was there worth the pick. Why put all your eggs in the unproven Tannehill basket? I want him to succeed as much as any other fan but I rather the team do well first. I'm a dolphin fan first.