Kenny Britt has found trouble yet again.
Police in Jersey City, N.J. want to speak to the Tennessee Titans wide receiver regarding the stabbing of a close friend, according to the Jersey Journal.
Britt dropped the man, who was earlier reported to be the receiver's brother, off at a New Jersey hospital and left without answering questions from police about the incident. The man reportedly had non life-threatening injuries.
Police were twice called to the area in the overnight hours, first about a stabbing at a birthday party, and later regarding a gunshot being fired at a house near where the stabbing took place.
Details are still sketchy, but Britt has once again placed himself in a terrible situation and is putting his career closer and closer to being in jeopardy. He has been involved in a string of minor incidents since the Titans drafted him in 2009, and was suspended for one game last year following a DUI on an army base at Fort Campbell, Ky.