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Sun life will never be a top notch stadium. Being designed as a multi purpose stadium was a mistake since football is the only tenants in the stadium with no more baseball and soccer there. Sun life will never compete with all these state of the art stadiums on with these upgrades.
Theres nothing wrong with JRS. Its made out of cement/concrete. The stadium and others built like it will be for centuries to come. Its not complicated to make JRS state of the art. Gut it, and run new guts in it. Its bones are as good or better than any NFL stadium out there. 400 million for a state of the art stadium in 2013 is a freaking bargain.

After saying all that I'm pretty confident the people of Miami will not OK this, and we will start to lose Super Bowl bids, and in time the Dolphins will end up moving. Miami could have saved the orange bowl, and they could have also built a baseball stadium years ago, but decided it was too much of an expense at the time. The only thing that putting things off for later gets you is a MUCH larger bill in the future.

What cracks me up is we have a GREAT owner who is willing to spend his hard earned wealth to help a city to retain the franchise he and the people love. But because of an idiot baseball owner he and his NFL franchise are going to have to suffer the consequences. Never mind he's paying more than half of the bill. That's a far better deal than most cities ever get.